Questions To Ask Potential Rockwall Mini Storage Facilities About Security

If you’re investing different Rockwall mini storage facilities, security is likely one of your prime concerns.  Riding Club Road Mini Storage prides themselves on having one of the best safety and security records in the area; they keep your self storage units safe and secure.  However, how is a person supposed to know that?  We’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask any Rockwall mini storage facility about their unit prior to renting to help you ensure they are up to par:

  1. Is there video? – Probably the most important question is whether or not they have adequate video surveillance at the various entrance and egress points throughout the facility and property.  Ask to see their footage from the prior day as a test.
  2. How do you get in? – The owner of any Rockwall mini storage facility should be able to quickly and easily detail how individuals are able to gain access to and leave the facility and property.  Some times key codes are required to access the self storage units, in other cases live security guards are stationed 24/7.
  3. How are the self storage units secured? – Inquire how the physical self storage units themselves are secured.  In most cases, you will have to provide your own lock; these days a disc lock is considered the superior choice as they are quite difficult to break.
  4. What about environmental hazard? – Ask the Rockwall mini storage facility what provisions they have against environmental hazard, particularly fire and water damage.  There should be visible sprinkler systems throughout the facility – check the certificate bearing the date of last inspection.
  5. Do you offer insurance? – Last but not least, ask if they offer insurance, and what it covers.  Different Rockwall mini storage facilities will have different policies, and you may want to supplement theirs with your own (which could affect your overall cost).

If the manager of a facility can’t answer these questions, that’s a definite red flag, and you should reflect on why that may be.  Any respectable self storage unit facility, such as Riding Club Road Mini Storage in Rockwall, should be clear and forthright about addressing your security concerns.

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