Tips For Creating Shelving For Your Self Storage Units At Riding Club Road Mini Storage

Today at the Riding Club Road Mini Storage blog, we’re going to take a look at a few different ways an enterprising individual could construct some DIY shelving for inside their own storage unit.  This is a great way to tame a unit that has become overfull with clutter and hasn’t been organized well.  Best of all, none of the methods are very expensive.

  1. Convert Pallets into Shelves – One extremely cheap way to build shelving for your self storage units at Riding Club Road Mini Storage is to purchase some old shipping pallets, and then convert them into shelves yourself with screws and bolts.  You’ll pay only a fraction of the cost of almost any other method and, while not pretty, the resulting shelves are strong and functional.
  2. Create a Lazy Susan – Lazy Susan’s are extremely economical when it comes to space usage, and are a great way to store large numbers of smaller objects, such as cans of paint, jars, and the like; even canned food and supplies fit in well.  As a bonus, it is easier to build a Lazy Susan than you might think; ask us for tips at Riding Club Road Mini Storage if you need additional information.
  3. Standardized Bins – Employing stacked and organized standardized bins as an alternative to shelving in your self storage units is also an option.  This makes particular sense for business owners, professionals, or anyone else who needs to store or maintain a large amount of records or papers.  You can stack them as high and as deep as you please, and because you’re only using standard sizes, you can rest assured everything will always fit together neatly and cleanly.

Don’t think these are the only possible solutions for shelving and organization in self storage units either – the only limits are your budget, your creativity, and the lease terms of the facility itself.  You could consider tote shelving solutions, pipe shelving, or many other options as well.  We here at Riding Club Road Mini Storage hope you find these tips on making the most of your self storage units useful.

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