What You Can and Can’t Store in Your Self Storage Unit at Riding Club Road Mini Storage

While different storage facilities have different rules and regulations, in general there are some rules regarding what you are usually allowed to store in most self storage units.  If you are ever in doubt, just ask the manager of your storage facilities whether or not a particular type of good or piece of property is prohibited or not, and they will be happy to guide you in the right direction.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the different categories of goods which are and are not allowed in most self storage unit facilities:

  • Inherently Dangerous Materials – While most people probably intuitively grasp that storing things like weapons and ammunition is against the rules, they may not immediately realize that most storage facilities include things like fireworks, fertilizers, compressed air tanks and the like in this category as well.
  • Tires or Motor Vehicles – In most cases motor vehicles are permitted in most self storage units, as long as the vehicle is in safe, operational condition and fully insured and registered.  Tires on the other hand may not be as welcome; many storage facilities limit customers to a certain number because of the cost of disposal in cases of abandonment.
  • Medical Supplies – Believe it in not, in most cases medical supplies are acceptable property for most self storage units.  The only qualification is that products which either are themselves radioactive or contain radioactive materials cannot be legally stored in these types of storage facilities.
  • Food or Animal Products – As far as food is concerned, the important thing is whether or not it is perishable.  Completely safe, sealed food such as canned goods is acceptable for placement in self storage units, but food which can either spoil or attract pests such as rodents is not allowed.

While this list is far from comprehensive, it does provide a good basis point from which to start for many people.  Remember, if you aren’t sure whether or not a particular type of property is allowed or not, ask your storage facility manager.

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